About Us

Why Thai and American Cuisines?

One thing we noticed at our former Milton, VT, Vermont Thai Restaurant, was that sometimes a couple or family would come in to dine and would request American food. Maybe the husband was in the mood for a burger or the kids found Thai food a bit “too different” and wanted something more familiar. We always felt a bit sad that we couldn’t accommodate them.

That was something we were determined to change when we established Victoria’s Cafe, in South Hero, Vermont. Everyone should be able to enjoy a meal together.

Also, during Kae’s hiatus from her own business, she spent more than 3 years learning how to prepare American and other ethic dishes at Chef’s Corner, Olive Garden, Panera Bread and Chili’s. Finally, she worked as a chef at the UVM Medical Center and prepared menus, which included popular Thai inspired dishes. Each place was unique in both methods and recipes, but Kae enjoyed the challenges of preparing dishes for her customers.

She really cares about her customers to this day, and wants to make sure they are happy.

She even manages to remember her customer’s favorites, how they want their food prepared and does so whenever they come back to dine.

Victoria’s Cafe is named after our daughter…

Our Chef

Tanyalak “Chef Kae” Alexander